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#Vlog 61 – leading a business is a 24/7 adventure, so wherever possible to combine work and pleasure (work life integration vs the falsehood of work-life balance) is a must.

This week I have a work event in CO with our investors @voloearth, fellow portfolio companies and LPs. Took the opportunity to drive out with the fam while it is summer vacation for E. Any chance to work in the mountains, spend time with the fam and network is priceless. Networking in person and in nature is incredible, and as much if not more productive!

Got the chance this afternoon to get out for a hike with @joseph Goodman and his fam. So much fun. Looking forward to the rest of the week!

Unfortunately I limited our ability to get super adventurous as I broke my wrist, will post about it this week. Needless to say, quite frustrating but trying to embrace the slower pace ????

#worklifeintegration #family #adventure #friends #network #entrepreneurship #energytransition @veckta2016

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