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Access motivated buyers

Buyers on the VECKTA Marketplace know what they want, and have already built a viable business case. 

When buyers post a requirement on VECKTA, it is in a consistent, robust format. It’s easy to review, assess, and only pursue the projects that are right for you.

Accelerate Your Growth

Expand your market access and intelligence using VECKTA’s data, insights, and unparalleled network. VECKTA supply partners grow their networks and build relationships across the C&I energy community. Access developers and EPCs, equipment manufacturers, service providers, financiers, and more today.

Your energy strategy should leverage energy flexibility to reduce costs, or create new revenue streams.
How It Works - Win

Win on merit

The VECKTA Marketplace is vendor and technology agnostic. When your solution best meets a buyer’s needs, you win the business. It’s that simple.

The Marketplace is engineered to help buyers and sellers to reach agreements simply, quickly, and at lower cost, which everyone benefits from.

Improve your offer every time

Suppliers approved for the VECKTA Marketplace gain access to market insights, allowing you to improve your offerings.

Plus suppliers on VECKTA get feedback on every proposal they submit, even if they are unsuccessful.

Access finance, equipment and services

It’s hard to be everything to everyone, and we all need a little outside help from time to time.

As a VECKTA supplier, you can use the Marketplace to access the essential ingredients for successful projects – even if you’re making a proposal outside of VECKTA.

Monitor your assets

VECKTA’s plug-and-play energy monitoring solutions work with all onsite power systems; even if you didn’t build with VECKTA.

Track performance, emission reduction and savings. Hold suppliers accountable. Be ready to act on new opportunities fast.