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Energy Resiliance. In the last few weeks we have seen entire communities without power in E.Canada, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Florida, California – amounting to millions of people, safety issues and huge economic losses.
Prior to this year, which I expect may be higher, the estimated annual cost of power outages for businesses in the US alone was $150B / yr. This is staggering! Business and community resilience can not be achieved by buying carbon credits or offsite power purchase agreements. Resilience comes in the form of on-site energy and smarter grid infrastructure. Check out the vlog to learn more and explore how we can create a more resilient energy future, assess and prioritize where we invest, design solutions for specific objectives and let’s not just rebuild the same infrastructure that was just wiped out – it is only going to happen again and likely more frequently. Let’s adapt with purpose – adaptation does not need to come at a negative cost, let’s ensure this change is sustainable and profitable!

Also, wedding anniversary (14 years!) and dad and lad flying solo together.

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