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Even as an implant, I have come to really enjoy watching Football and look forward to the Super Bowl this weekend!

The NFL and the Super Bowl is one of the biggest entertainment shows on earth. And while being amazing entertainment, I also feel it can provide valuable lessons that can be applied to the energy transition. When I think about Football and many sports for that matter, it’s worth considering how the best teams approach each Season, each game, each play, their team structure, culture and leadership. For me, there is a huge amount to learn and apply to the Energy Transition (and running a business, check out the next article). 

Game Plan – Teams that have a clear strategy, tactical approach to their games and the ability to execute succeed on the field. The same principle applies to the energy transition, we need to have long-term coordinated strategies that can be tactically implemented and executed at scale. 

Teamwork – Teams that work together, share a common goal, and support each other are more likely to find success on the field. The energy transition will benefit from this approach, where collaboration and teamwork among stakeholders, including government, industry, and the public, can help drive progress toward a more sustainable future.

Innovation and Adaptation – Teams that are open to new ideas and strategies, and are willing to adapt to changes in the game, are more likely to succeed. The energy transition can learn from this approach by embracing innovation and being open to new ideas and technologies that can help drive progress and step-change impacts, vs small incremental outcomes.

Preparation and perseverance – Teams that prepare thoroughly for their games and are willing to persevere through challenges and setbacks are more likely to succeed. The energy transition can also benefit from this approach, it is a multi-generational process, it is complex and for many confusing. Energy users, regulators, enablers and suppliers will face challenges, frustrations and setbacks, and being prepared for the challenges ahead and persevering in the face of obstacles with a willingness to learn, adapt and power through will be critical to our collective success.

Measurement & feedback – In sports we have an immediate feedback loop and now with real-time data and technology we can review, adjust and adapt on the fly. With the energy transition, we need to ensure we have the ability to monitor, verify and report on our progress and challenge limits to ensure we continuously improve and adapt to deliver the outcomes businesses need and want. 

Enjoy the game this weekend and the food, drink and fanfare that goes with it, while contemplating some of the valuable lessons for the energy transition, including; the importance of having a strong game plan, promoting teamwork and collaboration, embracing innovation and adaptation, preparing thoroughly and persevering through challenges and ensuring we measure our progress. By focusing on these key areas, the energy transition will be more successful and occur with greater efficiency and speed to create a more profitable, sustainable and thriving energy future. 

Would love to know what other lessons you take from sports that can be applied to our sector?!