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City of San Rafael

Rooftop + 2 Carport | 246kW |Offsets 268 Metric Tons of Co2e The City of San Rafael had several critical goals that needed to be met for this solar project to be a success. Like with any responsible government, the City was especially concerned about ensuring this project would be a good financial decision. Solaris Energy and the development team allowed for a unique 2-phase PPA that allowed for savings on operational costs and the ability to lock in a low long-term electricity price that would ensure good use of taxpayer money. Cost savings and renewable energy to meet environmental goals together was a far easier financial picture for the City to accept. An upfront cash purchase or lease would have been more expensive and a heavier burden on staff. This is because the City can't take advantage of the federal tax credits on its own and would have had to develop without Solaris Energy's expertise and quality control. Solaris Energy and partners worked hand-in-hand with the solar installer and City to select a site location at City Hall and its associated parking lot. The two sites allowed for car shading, a larger system, and good visibility in the community - key project ingredients the city was interested in. After a few design iterations, Solaris Energy and partners determined that the carports aspect of the project would need to be uniquely designed for emergency vehicles and host several electric vehicle chargers. As a collaborative and responsive partner, the team quickly provided an amendment to the PPA contract that led to the necessary safety measures and the ability to promote the concept of "fueling your vehicle with the sun," all while keeping the construction timeline. It was also important to the mayor that the project showcase steps in meeting climate and sustainability goals. Solaris and the installer made this a reality by including a dashboard in City Hall so residents could learn about the system on its roof. Solaris Energy also included the production and editing of a video that the City could use to promote the project's environmental benefits. Ultimately, all partners agreed the project was a huge success and the City noted its appreciation for the extra care Solaris Energy gave the project.

Completion Date

Sep 9th 2020


San Rafael, CA

Project Size

246.21 kW


Solaris Energy, Inc.

  • Cost savings
  • Resiliency
  • Emissions reductions
  • Solar PV