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Blue Lake Rancheria Microgrid project

"Optimized low-carbon microgrid project using Siemen's Spectrum PowerrTM Microgrid Management System, an advanced software control solution based on a powerful utility distribution SCADA platform to integrate and automate: • 700 kW Load includes Casino, Hotel, Tribal Offices • 1 MW Diesel generator for base generation Renewable generation sources including: • 175 kW Fuel cell + biomass • 500 kW Solar PV & 500 kW/1000 kWh Battery • Economic dispatch of solar/battery system • Siemens PTI Electrical System Stability and Grid Impact Study"


Blue Lake Rancheria, California



  • Cost savings
  • Resiliency
  • Emissions reductions
  • Microgrid controller
  • Diesel generator
  • Solar PV
  • BESS