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Keele University SEND Project

The Keele University Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) Project– a European first, is an at-scale environment providing a platform allowing energy generation, distribution, storage, forecasting, and energy balancing spanning across different energy sources using the Keele University campus. SEND demonstrates the advantages of looking at different energy systems in a smart and integrated way using Siemen's Distributed Energy Optimization (DEOP) acting as a single source of truth delivering real-time data to the operator • Integration of 6 MGC, 1.200 x meters from DEMS, and 8 substations from Spectrum SCC for optimized scheduling • Gained transparency in an easy-to-use application with standard and/or customizable dashboards • Performance monitoring and standardized reporting save time and effort • Real-time alarms and anomaly detection


Keele, UK



  • Emissions reductions
  • Microgrid controller