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Many of us feel with Summer being behind us, so too is wildfire season. We would be mistaken, the most devastating wildfires in Southern California have often occurred between October through December each year. This is a result of the low moisture, dry vegetation, and high Santa Ana winds.

And although at VECKTA we focus on wildfires and their effects on the loss of power to businesses and industries, I’m an active mountain biker. Therefore I’m also interested in how these wildfires affect our natural world and our ability to recreate in them.

Wildfire Cycles in Southern California
Wildfire Threats Near Large Urban Areas

As an example, one of the most popular areas in Southern California for mountain biking is the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. It’s one of the world’s largest urban national parks bordering the upscale neighborhoods of Santa Monica, Malibu, Ventura, and the Hollywood Hills.

This year, the wildfire season has been quiet in the Santa Monica Mountains, however, the deep scars from the 2018 Woosley Fire are still present- it burned 83% of the area’s federal parkland.

Wildfire Cycles and Mountain Biking

“Currently and for the past 10+ years we’re almost never out of fire season in this area of the western US,” says Jack Nosco, former Ventura County Fire Department Captain. Jack has been in the fire service for 39+ years, and a Captain for almost 25 years. He worked at VCFD Fire Station 34 for the past 20 years, the busiest engine company in Ventura County!

Nosco Jack is also a cyclist and is gearing up for the 2023 Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride, a community event that takes riders through some of the most beautiful parts of the Santa Monica Mountains. He grew up in this area, and he has seen firsthand how wildfires take both homes and businesses alike, often in a matter of minutes.

How Wildfire Cycles Affect All of Us

In summary, while we often focus on how businesses can increase their reliability, and energy independence through on-site energy and utilities can reduce the risk of wildfires by minimizing transmission infrastructure buildout, it is critical to remember that by engaging in sustainable practices (nature management and emission reductions) we help to protect our priceless natural resources for future generations.

In the next blog, we will discuss how your business can prepare for power outages as a result of wildfires.