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Are Rising Utility Rates & Outages Costing Your Business Money?

How much is the rising cost of energy costing your business?  Enter your information below to find out.

Doing business in California is expensive, and PG&E doesn’t make it any less so.  Between soaring utility rates, and outages, running a business that runs on electricity is increasingly challenging in the Golden State.  


Total Anticipated Rate Increases over the next 5 Years

Total Number of PG&E Outages Over the Last 5 Years

Decrease in profits due to rising electricity costs

Onsite Energy offers a more reliable, planet friendly, cost efficient option. 

VECKTA provides a unique energy transition strategy for commercial and industrial business leaders, which allows them to take control of their energy goals. Unlike traditional energy suppliers and consultants, VECKTA offers a solution that empowers businesses to make informed decisions about their energy transition without feeling overwhelmed or confused. With VECKTA, businesses can avoid being taken advantage of and achieve their energy goals without breaking the bank.

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