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How can you maximize your energy transition opportunities across your entire portfolio? In this episode, we will explore strategies for implementing energy transition tactics effectively. We will discuss how to identify the best locations within your portfolio for energy initiatives, prioritize high-return projects, and how we approach these challenges at VECKTA.

You’ll learn the importance of considering historical outages, grid strain, and natural disasters to project future scenarios and make informed decisions. We’ll address common misconceptions about deploying solar or batteries at the largest energy-consuming sites. Listen in as we explain the importance of reevaluating your portfolio to uncover hidden value and ensure beneficial projects are not overlooked.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Strategies for effective energy transition implementation across your portfolio.
  • How to prioritize high-return energy projects.
  • The importance of considering historical outages and grid strain.
  • Misconceptions about deploying solar and battery solutions at large energy sites.
  • Techniques for uncovering hidden value in your energy transition efforts.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “While your facility may or may not have been impacted by an outage, it’s important to look at the historical outages in that region and then start to project ahead to map what it might look like based on grid transmission and distribution age and the strains on the grid, not to mention the obvious ones around natural disasters, wildfires, hurricanes and flooding.” – Dan Roberts
  • “When you’re talking about hundreds or thousands of sites, trying to account for each individual local concern using a spreadsheet, you’re just not going to be able to pull it off.” – Dan Roberts
  • “Companies often think they should start by deploying solar or batteries at their biggest energy consuming sites – but that doesn’t always make the most sense, depending on where the site is located and the business priorities. So, we help customers take another look at their portfolio to find trapped value and ensure they’re not leaving viable, beneficial projects unbuilt.” – Gareth Evans

Resources In Today’s Episode:

Time Stamps:

  • 00:01:20: Maximizing energy transition opportunities
  • 00:01:59: Addressing rising costs and addressing challenges
  • 00:02:52: Challenges and differences between sites
  • 00:03:22: Misrepresentation of opportunity
  • 00:04:29: Managing complex portfolios and maximizing opportunities
  • 00:07:13: Local level challenges in energy transition
  • 00:13:39: Prioritizing high return on investment opportunities
  • 00:17:25: Summary and close-up.

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