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How is the energy landscape evolving, and what can we expect in the future? In this episode, we sit down with Beatrice Petrovich, Senior Energy and Climate Analyst at Ember, to explore these pressing questions. With over a decade of experience in the energy sector, Beatrice offers insights into the rise of renewables in the EU, the latest energy mix, and the management of the utility sector. We’ll also discuss the growth of residential battery storage, the drivers behind this trend, and the progress and opportunities in hydrogen development.

Listen in as Beatrice shares valuable advice for business leaders, highlights common misconceptions, and underscores the importance of innovation in the energy transition. You’ll learn about the EU’s significant milestone of wind power surpassing fossil gas power generation and the structural decline of coal in Europe. We also cover how new business models are emerging to leverage demand flexibility and the promising potential of behind-the-meter battery storage.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What Beatrice is most passionate about.
  • What Ember’s main goal is and how they achieve this.
  • How the EU is transitioning away from fossil fuels.
  • Who is leading the way in battery storage growth.
  • Advice for business leaders when thinking about the energy transition.
  • What we can gain from an accelerated transition.
  • The common misconceptions about the energy transition.
  • What you need to know about battery storage.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “Last year the EU passed a meaningful milestone of wind power surpassing fossil gas power generation for the first time. With this growth of wind and solar generation, we see a decline in fossil fuel power, especially coal. It’s clear that there is a structural decline of coal in the EU and that there won’t be a coal comeback.” – Beatrice Petrovich
  • “Awareness for the potential of demand flexibility is growing and that’s really exciting. And there’s no need to wait for regulation to be unlocked. There are new business models that can be there for actors who dare to innovate.” – Beatrice Petrovich
  • “The potential of behind-the-meter battery storage is very promising. On the one hand, costs have rapidly declined, so they’re already cost-competitive and costs are expected to drop even more with the ramping up of production. There’s also an additional cost benefit by co-locating it with storage—solar electricity is valued higher.” – Beatrice Petrovich

Resources In Today’s Episode:

Time Stamps:

  • 00:10:00: Introductions and Background
  • 00:04:14: Views on the Current State of Energy
  • 00:05:36: Discussion on the Energy Sector
  • 00:06:17: Overview of the Latest Energy Mix
  • 00:08:17: Utility Sector Management
  • 00:10:10: Residential Battery Storage Growth
  • 00:10:44: Drivers Behind the Growth
  • 00:12:29: Hydrogen Progress and Opportunities
  • 00:14:11: Alternatives to Hydrogen
  • 00:15:27: Advice for Business Leaders
  • 00:17:00: Common Misconceptions
  • 00:18:03: Importance of Innovation
  • 00:20:37: Working with Policymakers
  • 00:21:39: Exciting Developments in Battery Storage
  • 00:24:05: Successful Transition Stories
  • 00:25:29: Future Opportunities in the Energy Sector
  • 00:26:55: Discussion about building-integrated PV and innovation
  • 00:27:39: Beatrice’s PhD findings
  • 00:28:34: Recommended sources of information
  • 00:29:30: Discussion about Ember monthly newsletter
  • 00:29:59: Where to find Ember’s publicly available content
  • 00:30:42: Beatrice’s outlook on success in the global energy transition
  • 00:31:19: How to contact Beatrice

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