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Are you prepared for the evolving landscape of the electricity sector? John Cooper, an energy entrepreneur and recognized innovator in the electricity sector, joins the show to discuss the shifting dynamics of the grid and utilities. With his extensive experience in integrating decarbonization, resilience, energy self-sufficiency, transportation, building electrification and data/digitalization, John sheds light on why the traditional way of operating the grid is becoming less reliable.

Listen in to hear about the future of grid management, as well as the transition from manned operations to smart systems and data-driven decisions. You’ll learn the importance of software systems like ADMS in control rooms and the value of data processing in modernizing operations. John also explains what large business leaders can do to optimize their operations in the face of climate change. It’s time to step up and take on more responsibility to make a difference!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How John became involved with energy.
  • How AI can help the energy transition.
  • The importance of leaning on data.
  • What large business leaders can do to optimize their operations.
  • How every single person can help the energy transition.
  • Why business leaders are going to have to take on more responsibility.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “The future of running something as complex as the grid is not controlling it ever tighter and having old, experienced hands in the control room to make decisions. It’s moving to software systems like ADMS in the control room, so that we can lean on the value of data, data processing and smart systems and shift a lot of our operations from man operations to machine operations.” – John Cooper
  • “For business leaders thinking they can just pay their utility bills and then leave that up to the utilities to take care of is to cede a lot of the control of your business to a third party. And I think it represents an unacceptable risk.” – John Cooper
  • “Changes are afoot, and the old way of operating the grid and utilities are on the way to not being seen as stable and reliable as they used to be.” – John Cooper

Time Stamps:

00:00:25: Introduction to Renewable Rides & Energy Transition

00:00:45: Guest Intro: John Cooper, Pioneer in Smart Grids

00:01:10: John Cooper Discusses his Passions and Motivations

00:01:24: Thoughts on Change and Disruption

00:03:34: Comparing Utility Fields to Other Industries

00:04:18: Background Information: John Cooper

00:06:37: Work on the Regulatory Team at Central and Southwest

00:08:03: Introduction to Wireless Networks and Smart Grids

00:11:35: Discussing the Advanced Smart Grid Book

00:13:55: Pecan Street Project

00:16:49: Transition from Analog to Digital Systems

00:18:57: Risks Involved in Digitization of the Grid

00:20:43: Challenge of Moving to an Energy Grid Like the Internet

00:22:12: The Four D’s: Digitalization, Democratization, Decarbonization, and Decentralization

00:23:01: Addressing Transition and Interconnection Queuing

00:23:30: Introduction to Grocket: Workforce Management and Human-Machine Interconnection

00:24:18: Decarbonization Efforts and Energy Concerns

00:25:23: ESG Goals and Their Impact on Businesses

00:26:14: Considering Resilience and Facing Energy Challenges

00:27:14: The Role and Potential of Microgrids

00:30:27: Preparing for Future Power Outages

00:32:26: The Threat of Wildfires and Climate Change

00:36:01: Future Business Actions for Energy Management

00:38:02: The Impact of AI on the Energy Industry

00:42:59: The Challenge of Managing Organizational Complexity and Data

00:45:06: The Energy Transition on a Global Basis

00:47:09: Innovation Sharing in Energy Transition

00:47:37: Recovery and reading habits

00:47:52: Getting organized and preferred subscriptions

00:48:37: Balancing information consumption

00:49:03: A look at John’s career and personal life

00:50:03: Career shift towards climate change

00:51:04: Importance of passion in life

00:53:04: Takeaway from John’s insights about utilities

00:53:48: Thoughts on energy situation in businesses

00:54:17: Need for businesses to take inventory of energy-reliant systems

00:56:04: Looking forward to a future of abundant energy

00:56:16: Resources for business leaders to learn more about energy transition

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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