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Our season 2 premiere addresses the recurring question: What does VECKTA do? Join us as we share the background of our company and demystify the concept of onsite energy systems. Discover how onsite energy transforms businesses into prosumers, enhancing grid reliability and generating revenue. We explore the critical need for data-driven decision-making in energy management and how the VECKTA platform simplifies this process.

You will learn why onsite energy presents a lucrative opportunity for companies to drive profitability and sustainability, leaving a lasting impact on both their bottom line and community. Listen in as we explain the reasons behind the slow adoption of sustainable energy systems, the pivotal questions every business leader should be asking, and the challenges faced in scaling onsite energy deployment.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What VECKTA does.
  • What an onsite energy system is.
  • The cost of delivering the electricity demand.
  • Why more companies aren’t deploying these sustainable systems.
  • The three questions that business leaders need to be asking.
  • A major challenge in deploying onsite energy at scale.
  • How we came up with the name VECKTA.
  • Our core values within our business.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “Onsite energy allows businesses to become prosumers and interact with the grid and improve grid reliability with things like demand response programs while generating revenue along the way.” – Dan Roberts
  • “Business leaders are good at running their businesses, but they’ve never really had to think about energy before. Being able to provide all the stakeholder groups in a company with the data and intelligence they need to make accurate, informed, and confident decisions is critical.”  – Gareth Evans
  • “With onsite energy, there is an opportunity for companies to drive greater profitability, greater sustainability, and distinguish themselves. In the process, business leaders will elevate their careers and have a major and positive, lasting impact on their community.” – Gareth Evans

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