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Jetson Juopperi, Director of Strategy & Market Intelligence at FuelCell Energy, joins the show today to explore the hydrogen horizon and its pivotal role in the evolving energy landscape. Sharing his personal journey from Florida to New York, Jetson opens up about his transition from working with combustion turbines at General Electric to fuel cells at FuelCell Energy.

Listen in to learn why fuel cells offer a versatile solution for harnessing renewable energy, as well as the considerations that make fuel cells a compelling choice—especially when addressing the potential limitations of solar power and battery storage. You’ll gain valuable insights into the future of renewables and the critical role of hydrogen in the transition to sustainable energy sources.

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What Jetson is most passionate about.
  • How he transitioned from life in Florida to New York.
  • How he got into fuel cell energy.
  • Why we can’t decommission energy sites just yet.
  • What Jetson has seen in the industry that has him excited.
  • Why someone may consider fuel cells versus other alternatives.
  • Who is the best fit for a fuel cell.
  • The versatility a fuel cell offers.
  • Where hydrogen fits into the energy transition.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “We want as much renewable on the grid as we can get, but you don’t want to necessarily decommission these sites in case you come upon times when the sun isn’t shining, the wind isn’t blowing, and we don’t have the battery storage on the grid just yet.” – Jetson Juopperi
  • “One of the most interesting things about FuelCell Energy right now is that we are bringing really new and interesting technologies into the market.”- Jetson Juopperi
  • “Being able to use a fuel that is available today to produce one of a selection of product streams—a fuel cell gives you that versatility.” – Jetson Juopperi

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