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The mining industry is critical to a successful energy transition, providing the minerals and metals required to produce the technologies required. Producing such resources sustainably is not only a social expectation it is increasingly becoming business critical from an operational, product sales and capital investment perspective.

It is very exciting and rewarding to work with Macarthur, who recognize the importance of developing sustainable assets while appreciating the energy transition as a huge opportunity to assess and develop solutions that bring operational, strategic and social benefits.

VECKTA has a mission to revolutionize and accelerate the deployment of onsite energy systems through our marketplace. We provide quick, cost effective, solution agnostic and independent access to the most optimal and customized solutions for specific business needs and objectives. It is imperative that we unlock the potential of this market, empower our customers to prioritize high quality, bankable projects and then engage with the supply chain to access solutions in a repeatable, streamlined and cost-effective way.

Gareth Evans, CEO VECKTA

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