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FOR RELEASE: May 24, 2021
Gareth Evans



VECKTA Chosen for Free Electrons 2021 Global Energy Startup Bootcamp

San Diego, CA: VECKTA, the Energy Transition Market Platform, announced its inclusion in the Free Electrons 2021 Global Energy Startup Bootcamp. VECKTA was selected as one of the top thirty leading energy innovators from around the world developing next-generation technologies and approaches to transforming the energy future. Starting in Dubai on May 24, startups will participate in a series of events with leading global utilities.

“VECKTA is thrilled to be part of the Free Electrons community,” VECKTA CEO Gareth Evans shares. “This opportunity provides VECKTA with the opportunity to work with the most innovative utilities, thought leaders, and startups from around the world. We firmly believe that VECKTA’s market platform and unique business model will give energy consumers independent and intuitive access to the best energy solutions and suppliers for their specific business needs. Free Electrons will provide another springboard from which we can develop our solution and deploy it at scale to empower a profitable, distributed, and sustainable energy future.”

VECKTA will participate in digital and in-person sessions that span the world, traveling to Melbourne, Lisbon, and Hong Kong, with the final session in Dublin. Sessions will match challenges to innovative solutions, allowing VECKTA to scope pilot projects, network with investors and utilities, and define projects for successful scaling and growth.

Free Electrons - VECKTA

About VECKTA: VECKTA is the Energy Transition Market Platform. VECKTA integrates the world’s most advanced energy system engineering tools with an end-to-end marketplace to bring together all the stakeholders to assess, design, supply, build, and finance microgrids and other Distributed Energy Systems (DES). VECKTA empowers businesses and communities to quickly and easily baseline their energy situation today, customize a solution specific to their needs (cost, reliability and/or emissions) and then seamlessly engage and contract the best equipment, services, and capital providers in the market to finance, deploy and operate it sustainably and profitably.

About Free Electrons: The Free Electrons Program is the best opportunity for startups in the energy space to grow and develop their businesses. The energy market has seen rapid changes in recent years with the rise of renewables, decentralization of the energy system, regulatory uncertainties, and disruptive new technologies. To stay ahead, there is a strong need for utilities to source more innovation externally and consider the ‘beyond utilities’ business models.