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In addition to their use by institutions and communities in search of energy independence, microgrids and other distributed energy systems (DES) are ideal for industrial sites that do not–or cannot–rely on a weak local grid.

Energy During Outages

VECKTA - Microgrids for Industrial SitesOutages are something industrial sites cannot afford to happen. These can dramatically impact the bottom-line and hamper productivity. Almost all types of businesses, whether involved in manufacturing or e-commerce, rely on energy to run their operations. There can be a variety of reasons for power outages and the cost of it can run into millions. As per a report from ITIC, one hour of an outage can cost businesses $100,000.

A battery energy storage system (BESS), for example, can serve as a backup power source in the event the centralized energy grid fails. During outages, the system will be fed power to the sites instantly, thus keeping the industrial site functioning. Similarly, a microgrid can produce supplemental power or be islanded from the centralized energy grid and allow the site to operate independently as needed.

Comprehensive Power Management And Control

Microgrid control systems are specifically engineered for a variety of commercial and industrial-scale applications. They are designed to keep critical processes online for industrial facilities, data centers, research facilities, hospitals, and more. Microgrids often ensure grid stability, prevent blackouts, and maximize system efficiency.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Carbon emission is now a global concern and consumers. In a 2017 survey research, it was revealed that 92% of the people would trust a company that supports environmental causes. Therefore, more and more companies are embracing green initiatives. By installing microgrids on an industrial site, companies can win the trust of consumers and appeal to them. Microgrids and other distributed energy systems can reduce carbon footprint by generating power from renewable sources.

VECKTA and Microgrids for Industrial Sites

Smart Metering

Smart metering allows you to reduce power wastage within the industrial site. Running a large facility and monitoring power distribution is not an easy task. With a microgrid, it is possible to get real-time updates on energy usage and the cost associated with it. Microgrid operators can regulate this distribution and make it more efficient, alternating between the centralized energy grid and the site’s microgrid depending on cost and need. This, in turn, will bring down the energy expenses and make your facility “greener”.

Customized Solutions

No two industrial sites are the same, and meeting their energy needs requires solutions that meet site requirements. Microgrids for industrial sites and other DES options offer a degree of flexibility that enable engineers to create energy solutions specifically designed for a given site’s needs. While diesel and solar solutions are often the first to come to mind, many other options for both energy production (such as biomass) and storage exist..

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