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Onsite Energy Made Easy: Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage - VECKTA

Food and Beverage Leaders Know:

  • Sustainable manufacturing processes benefit individual companies, the industry and the planet.
  • The market favors companies that cut their carbon emissions.
  • Unreliable energy sources can cost businesses millions of dollars.
  • Investing in clean energy saves money in the long run.

But they don’t always know – exactly – how to develop onsite energy in the most efficient, least costly way.

Learn more about our how we work with wineries to enhance their onsite energy options.  

Saves Us Money, and it Saves Us Energy

[Onsite energy] saves us money, it saves us energy...does good by the local communities.

Target Corp

Responsibility, Inclusiveness, or Environmental Impact

79% of consumers are changing their purchase preferences based on social responsibility, inclusiveness, or environmental impact.

Capgemini Research Institute

Farmers Who Couldn’t Get Milk

During Texas’s 2021 deep freeze, farmers who couldn’t get milk processed were dumping $1 million worth of milk daily.

Energy costs for food and bev industry exceed..

Energy costs for food and bev industry exceed motor vehicle manufacturing, printing, and textiles.

Why VECKTA for Your Food and Beverage Onsite Energy Project?

WHY VECKTA - Food & Beverage
Faster ROI on your energy assets

Margins are thin in the food and beverage industry; don’t waste time and money on expensive consultants. VECKTA’s platform decreases time to ROI by accelerating project development, cutting “soft costs,” and providing access to zero money down energy.

WHY VECKTA - Food & Beverage
Save money with marketplace dynamics
VECKTA’s equipment, service and finance agnostic platform provides access to all of the top local and global suppliers that are right for your project. They compete, you win.
WHY VECKTA - Food & Beverage
Completely customized solution
Food and beverage companies have unique opportunities for onsite energy. VECKTA’s platform gives you access to the latest tools to customize the best solution for your needs. Access a diverse marketplace that includes technologies like anaerobic digesters and combined heat and power.
WHY VECKTA - Food & Beverage
Do it all in one place
No other platform enables you to actualize your entire energy transition in one place. Assess, design, shop for suppliers and service providers, deploy, and even finance your energy project here. VECKTA offers it all.

Benefits of Developing Onsite Energy

Reduce Operational Costs
Traditional energy costs can account for up to 20% of the cost of goods sold. Lower COGS and increase profits by transitioning to onsite energy.
Gain Energy Independence
Resilient power ensures the uninterrupted operations your food and beverage company needs to continue producing your products.
Improve Brand Value
Consumers are increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint of their foods. Choose to sustainably produce foods, so they’ll choose you.
Win A Competitive Advantage
Outstrip your competition. Research shows in more than 90% of CPG categories, sustainability-marketed products grow faster than conventional.

VECKTA brings together the processes, tools and trusted partners you need to put your carbon reduction commitments into action. With VECKTA, you can slash timelines, reduce costs and simplify the complex.

Begin with an onsite energy Insights Report.

VECKTA makes deploying onsite energy simple

One Platform to Realize Your Energy Goals

VECKTA is the only platform in the world where you can design, optimize, and deploy the optimal onsite energy system for your business.


Identify the sites of greatest return, accounting for your goals and assets to prioritize your portfolio of facilities.


One-of-a-kind energy software generates an optimal system design to get you to your energy goals.


Find financing through our platform, whether you self-finance or seek a zero money down capital solution.


Use VECKTA’s Marketplace to access the best niche specialists for your project and negotiate great rates for industry-leading technologies and local constructors.


Negotiate, award and contract your customized solution using pre-developed best practice documents and workflows.

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