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Today we welcome Michael Worry, the CEO of Nuvation Energy, a global leader in providing configurable battery management systems for energy storage applications. As a fervent advocate of energy storage solutions, Michael sheds light on his personal journey into the world of renewable energy. He offers insights into the catalysts that drove his transition from electronics and engineering to his current role and shares how his passion for energy storage spurred his involvement in this transformative industry.

Listen in as Michael defines the crucial role of battery management systems in optimizing battery performance and emphasizes their significance for the global energy landscape. He highlights the current opportunities and challenges associated with the accelerated energy transition and reveals why the present moment is particularly opportune for individuals interested in entering the field of energy storage. By delving into the future of innovation for Nuvation Energy and his team, Michael presents a captivating vision of sustainable progress and the potential for positive impact on the planet.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What Michael is most passionate about.
  • How Michael got involved in renewable energy.
  • What a battery management system is.
  • Why battery management is important.
  • How Michael got into energy storage.
  • What the future of innovation looks like for Michael and his team.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “It is a great time to be in energy storage.” – Michael Worry
  • “Engineering is my self-expression.” – Michael Worry
  • “It’s amazing to be in a space that is good for the planet.” – Michael Worry

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