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Renewable Rides Podcast

Welcome to the Renewable Rides Podcast! Join Gareth Evans, the CEO and Founder of VECKTA, and Dan Roberts, the Head of Sales, as they take you on a journey through the cutting-edge world of energy transition, on-site energy, and sustainability. Delve into the experiences of our guests and our expert team here at VECKTA, as they tackle the latest trends, learnings, challenges, and trials in the pursuit of a resilient, profitable, and thriving energy future.


Ep 21: The Power Shift: Energy Trends in 2024

Ep 21: The Power Shift: Energy Trends in 2024

 Today we're discussing the transformative energy landscape of 2024, exploring the pivotal shifts that unfolded in 2023 and the upcoming trends we expect to see. This year has been fascinating,...

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