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Frequently Asked Questions

What onsite technologies does VECKTA consider when assessing optimal systems?

We consider all commercially viable onsite energy solutions. Technologies most often considered are solar (roof-top, ground-mount and carport), battery energy storage, gas generators, and EV charging infrastructure. In situations where it makes sense, our customers are interested in wind, fuel cells, combined heat and power, demand response programs, waste heat recovery and thermal energy storage. If a customer has a specific need, we are happy to explore how we can support it. 

When can I expect bids in hand after publishing an RFP in the marketplace?

Once you publish an RFP into the VECKTA marketplace, best-fit suppliers will be notified of the opportunity. In the app, suppliers will ask project questions, and submit their proposals within a 3-5-week window to win your business. The next step is to review proposals and shortlist suppliers. VECKTA’s Rapid Ranker tool calls out key comparable aspects to make selection more efficient. 

For information on our marketplace process, download our overview here.

Can I just access your marketplace if I already know what systems to build where?

Yes! Customers that know what they want to build or already have a proposal in hand and want to get competitive bids can discuss project needs with our team to determine if it’s a fit. Please email us at to learn more.

How are projected emissions reductions calculated?

Based on the site’s location we’re able to use hourly emissions data to determine a baseline, and later we have several methods to project emissions scenarios over the lifetime of the project. The reduction is the comparison between that baseline (reference case) and those future scenarios (investment case).

How many sites can VECKTA handle at one time?

Today our largest customers manage over 20,000 locations each on VECKTA, and there is no upper limit. VECKTA can handle as many sites as you have in your portfolio. Our platform is built for deployment of onsite energy systems at scale and management of entire portfolios of sites and projects.

How does the platform determine which sites are a priority?

A VECKTA priority site means that it presents the highest value opportunity based on company or site goals, such as financial returns, carbon reduction, payback period, or resilience gains. To determine which sites are a priority, we use data science and AI to optimize hundreds of thousands of plausible scenarios and narrow in on the optimal combination of technologies to meet your company’s goals, or an individual site’s goals. VECKTA consolidates over 5,000 data points for each of your facilities, including escalation scenarios, grid emissions, outages, incentives, space for energy systems, renewable resources, and deployment costs.

Can I invite my own suppliers?

Yes, we welcome your existing suppliers to participate in the marketplace. All suppliers on VECKTA are subject to our vetting process. Upon your requeset, we send them the application for access and upon submission we will start the review process.

Who has access to my data and can I control that?

Your data is secure in the VECKTA platform. Your company’s account admin can set permissions for each user. Your VECKTA account manager and advisors will have access to the data, and customized permissions can be set for our use as well. The only time other users ever see your data is when you release it to them. When utilizing the VECKTA Marketplace, you retain full control. You can require suppliers to sign NDA’s prior to accessing your data, and you can control and approve only selected suppliers. 

How does VECKTA work with my existing procurement process?

VECKTA is built to work alongside your governance and procurement processes, while enabling you to access competitive proposals from the best suppliers, focused on your optimal outcomes. Procurement teams love VECKTA’s ability to give them access to the commercial and environmental benefits of onsite energy, without having to become subject matter experts (or hire expensive consultants). Our track record working with some of the world’s largest and most well managed companies is a testament to the value and flexibility of VECKTA’s specialized approach.