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Driven by the needs of VECKTA’s enterprise and large portfolio customers, VECKTA has expanded its portfolio-level assessment and management capabilities. 

Using leading data science, AI, and decades of expertise converted into software – VECKTA enables customers to own the early stages of onsite energy development with onsite energy development technology. We replace costly external management consultants, offset the need to hire large internal teams, and bypass getting stuck working directly with single suppliers to define potential projects. With VECKTA, companies can confidently define potential projects and make informed decisions, streamlining the entire process.

Comprehensive Review with a Portfolio-Wide Baseline

With just a list of addresses, VECKTA consolidates a staggering 5,000 data points for each facility, enabling you to determine priority sites for onsite energy deployment and optimal technology configurations. Our platform aggregates a wealth of information, including local energy costs, escalation scenarios, grid emissions, outages, incentives, renewable potential, construction, equipment, and financing costs, providing a comprehensive view of your portfolio.

Actionable Insights for Seamless Project Execution

VECKTA empowers you to determine cost savings, emissions reduction potential, operational continuity opportunities and prioritizes projects based on their potential returns on investment. Our platform allows you to discern specific project parameters, such as IRR, payback period, and emissions reduction opportunities using linear optimization calculations. Furthermore, you can assess which financial model works best for your business considering the available incentives and tax credits – self-financing, loans, or energy as a service – where you can access cheaper energy for zero capital costs. This comprehensive approach ensures that your company’s objectives are met with precision.

Explore a Diverse Range of Onsite Energy Solutions

At VECKTA, we consider all commercially viable onsite energy solutions, ensuring you have access to the most suitable options for your unique needs. VECKTA is solution-agnostic and represents our clients’ best interests – we are essentially an energy concierge. Our platform frequently evaluates technologies such as solar (rooftop, ground-mount, and carport), battery energy storage, gas generators, and EV charging infrastructure. Additionally, we can explore wind, fuel cells, combined heat and power, demand response programs, waste heat recovery, and thermal energy storage solutions, tailoring our approach to your specific requirements.

Precise Hourly Emissions Reductions Projections

By leveraging location-specific hourly emissions data, VECKTA establishes a baseline and employs project emission scenarios over the lifetime of your projects. Our platform compares the baseline (reference case) with future scenarios (investment case), providing you with accurate emissions reduction projections. Whether you need to reduce emissions at a single facility to secure your next contract or achieve a carbon reduction commitment across your entire portfolio, VECKTA will provide you with the roadmap. 

Streamlined Communication with Suppliers

Now that you know you want to deploy an energy system at your facility, VECKTA provides access to the workflows, industry best practices, and network of suppliers to get firm bids from the market. You are empowered to issue your Request for Proposal to the market in a way that maximizes your value and manages your risks. Engage with developers, finance, and equipment suppliers with ease. The most qualified vendors are chosen from a vetted pool of 3,000 firms and allowed to bid for your business. 

Compare similar bids and use VECKTA’s rapid ranking technology to compare, contrast, score, and shortlist the best deals for you. You can then provide feedback, negotiate, and ultimately award the contract to your partner of choice. All reference materials and proposal documents are housed within the platform, creating a centralized and auditable source of information and ensuring seamless collaboration. VECKTA’s process has repeatedly saved customers up to 40% in capital costs by running a structured and competitive process. 

The Only Platform for Onsite Energy Solutions

There is no bigger opportunity for your business. Incentives have never been better, technologies have never been cheaper and your incumbent utility-only power solution is failing you. Onsite energy provides profitable and sustainable outcomes to protect and differentiate your business. With continuous updates and improvements on the horizon, VECKTA remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive your onsite energy strategy forward. Unlock your portfolio’s full potential today and experience the power of VECKTA’s enterprise-grade platform.