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Howard Thomas, Principal at Thomas & McKinlay Consulting, brings a fresh perspective to the table as he discusses simplifying our approach to the energy transition. With candid insights that challenge traditional norms, Howard emphasizes the necessity of authenticity and critical thinking in driving impactful change. 

By addressing the tendency to prioritize easy tasks over crucial ones, Howard highlights the urgency of focusing on initiatives that yield the most significant impact. Through constructive dialogue and a commitment to challenging the status quo, he demonstrates how embracing simplicity can lead to both profitability and sustainability in the energy sector.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How doing the right thing can translate to being the profitable thing.
  • The value in being open to critical thinking.
  • Why it is important to challenge the status quo.
  • How we can simplify the energy transition.
  • The opportunity to be more efficient in the energy transition.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “They say life is a mirror, what you give out is what you get back. So, you’ll get a long way by smiling.” – Howard Thomas
  • “The more we can electrify on the demand side, the more we can create the vehicle for using that renewable electricity directly. That must be a self-evident efficiency gain.” – Howard Thomas
  • “You have to open up people to the benefits of critical thinking.” – Howard Thomas

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