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As we shift towards electrification, where does that leave our current infrastructure? In this episode, we discuss the complexities of energy load growth, grid capacity, and the looming risks for businesses.

Listen in as we explain the implications of this explosive load growth, the environmental impact, and crucial considerations for businesses reliant on the grid. You will learn how businesses can navigate this evolving landscape and make informed decisions to secure their energy future.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What utilities have to account for in terms of load growth and seasonal impacts.
  • The effects of the extreme heating and cooling of the planet.
  • How load growth affects the grid.
  • Risks that business owners should consider when relying on the grid for energy.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “The electric load growth is expected to increase 81% more than what the grid planners had expected.” – Dan Roberts
  • “Business leaders need to be thinking about how they can ensure their business continuity, manage their risks of outages, and ensure they have plans in place to do so.” – Gareth Evans
  • “An average life expectancy for [large power transformers] is 20-30 years, yet the average age of those that we’re relying on, on the grid, is 40 years old.” – Dan Roberts

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