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Unlock the keys to effective leadership and driving change in the energy industry with Tony Frencham, Chair and Member of CSIRO’s Energy Business Unit Advisory Group. In this episode, Tony shares the power of authentic leadership and the impact of curiosity in navigating challenges. Discover the link between problem statements and purpose, and learn why it’s crucial to embrace both successes and mistakes for continuous progress.

Listen in as Tony delves into what excites him about the energy transition, emphasizing the importance of making it accessible for businesses. You will learn about thinking holistically about industry challenges, fostering diversity and equality, and enhancing your business practices for a better future.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The link between problem statements and purpose.
  • What excites Tony about the energy transition.
  • The power of good leadership.
  • The importance of being curious.
  • Why it is essential to be authentic all of the time.
  • Advice for those wanting to take the first steps.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “Too many people are just walking around doing stuff without understanding the big picture.” – Tony Frencham
  • “You have to be authentic all of the time.” – Tony Frencham
  • “Focus on what we can do and chip away at it bit by bit.” – Tony Frencham

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