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Today Dan is joined by Patrick Baker, Director of Business Development, and Paul Ziessler, Lead Energy Development Analyst, to dive into the intricate world of grid hardening. A term often used internally, grid hardening is essentially the process of fixing our grid infrastructure, which is currently plagued with vulnerabilities. The episode explains the pressing need for this initiative, especially considering the rising concerns related to wildfires and the cost associated with grid hardening.

Listen in as they discuss grid infrastructure resiliency, as well as its pivotal role in the energy sector. You’ll learn about grid hardening, the challenges it addresses, and the critical need for solutions. As a business leader, business owner, or ratepayer, understanding the impact of grid hardening is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape. And with a staggering price tag of $30 billion, the debate rages on whether this endeavor is a necessary expense or a financial folly.

Listen To The Episode:

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What grid hardening is.
  • How we can make the grid infrastructure more resilient.
  • How utilities charge you.
  • The issue with not having a resilient grid system.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “We say the grid is being ‘hardened’ internally, but essentially, it is fixing the grid. The grid is currently broken.” – Patrick Baker
  • “This is a system that worked when it originated, but none of us are driving Model T Fords anymore because they just don’t last. The current grid is the equivalent of a Model T Ford.” – Patrick Baker
  • “The grid systems are more fragile than you would expect them to be.” – Patrick Baker

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