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FOR RELEASE: December 13, 2021
Gareth Evans



Energy Transition Platform VECKTA Making Renewable Onsite Energy Accessible to Businesses of All Kinds
While most business leaders don’t have the necessary technical understanding to handle their energy transition, VECKTA provides them with everything they need to achieve their goals.


Reducing Carbon Emissions Top Priority Across Many Industries

Carbon emissions reduction goals have been a contentious topic over the past few months with the buildup to and finale of COP26, the 26th United Nations Climate change conference. Representatives from governments around the world met in Glasgow to discuss and negotiate commitments towards the mitigation of climate change, and carbon emissions reduction has been at the forefront of those commissions.

With many nations moving to advance timelines and enact stricter limits, the actual work of reducing emissions falls largely on industry and business owners. It’s at this level that specific action must be taken and that changes must be made. VECKTA is an energy transition platform that’s helping businesses across many industries identify, understand, and make those necessary changes.

Onsite Energy Systems, Offsite PPAs, and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

On the path to carbon neutrality, many companies have turned to Offsite PPAs (power purchase agreements) and RECs (renewable energy credits) given the quick outcome with limited effort. Unfortunately REC prices are on the rise, Trove Research expects the voluntary carbon market price per tCO2e to increase 4-16X by 2030. One VECKTA customer recently shared that their REC prices have tripled in the last year in addition to their energy bills increasing, a double impact. Escalating REC costs are driving many to search for options that provide additional business benefits beyond simply checking the sustainability box. Offsite PPAs have been an option that others are pursuing given that companies can gain both the sustainability benefits as well as consistent pricing. These off-site PPA assets, often hundreds or thousands of miles away, don’t address any of the operational concerns (power quality, reliability and security) that onsite systems address. Reliability, cost certainty and carbon emissions reduction are all benefits of an onsite energy system when designed and developed correctly. Leading companies are maximizing their onsite energy potential first and then looking to offsite PPAs and RECs to fill their emission reduction goals in the most cost effective and operationally valuable ways.

VECKTA Guides Onsite Energy Projects From Start to Finish

VECKTA’s platform, powered by XENDEE, enables business leaders to work through the entire process of energy transition from start to finish. The unique VECKTA Marketplace Platform and team of experts understand the business and their specific needs, along with the current nature of power infrastructure and other conditions and constraints in the area. From there, VECKTA designs an optimal onsite energy solution that greatly reduces workload and costs during the design process.

A significant part of what empowers VECKTA to help so many businesses is what happens after the design phase. The platform has an extensive marketplace of equipment providers, project delivery specialists, and financing providers. Through this network, every business can find the most cost-effective means for implementing a sustainable and reliable onsite energy solution.

Onsite Energy Systems Deliver Independence, Efficiency, and More

The need to reduce carbon emissions isn’t the only reason that businesses can benefit from VECKTA’s onsite power solutions. Throughout the United States and many other countries as well, power infrastructure is aging faster than it’s being replaced. Not only are generation stations, lines, and other types of equipment aging, but they’re also highly centralized. This means that businesses can rely on stations and equipment hundreds or thousands of miles away for their power, increasing both cost and risk.

The existing grids also weren’t designed with modern renewable energy sources in mind. VECKTA designs onsite microgrids that can incorporate a variety of renewable energy technologies. This can include solar, wind, gas generators, battery systems, and more. These systems are custom designed for individual applications, so they often address specific problems such as grocery stores requiring 100% uptime to avoid losing perishable goods.

The latest developments in renewable energy technology are making these kinds of onsite microgrids more affordable with each passing day. Not only are these solutions cost-effective, but they also enable organizations to maintain direct control over their power supply.

VECKTA’s Simplified Solution Already Helping Many Organizations

For many companies, the prospect of commissioning onsite power generation can seem daunting. There are many complex factors that go into every step of the process, and that’s why VECKTA is so effective. Their platform and technology simplify the process, making it accessible to the broadest possible range of businesses.

Even though the company is just a couple of years old, building an incredible team and product through COVID, they’ve already put in place effective and efficient onsite microgrids for many businesses across multiple industries. VECKTA is currently in the midst of a fundraising round to continue its accelerated growth and expansion.