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FOR RELEASE: November 16, 2021
Gareth Evans



Carey Group and VECKTA execute MOU
Carey Group and VECKTA will work together to deploy onsite energy systems for miners and remote communities across Australia.

On November 8th 2021, after an extended period of Due Diligence by both parties, VECKTA is proud to announce execution of an MOU with Carey Group.

Carey was established in 1995 by Daniel Tucker AM as an Aboriginal owned company to provide mining contractor services in the Goldfields region. After 25 years the Carey Group has grown to now be the largest 100% Aboriginal owned business in Australia that supports three pillars, employing more than 450 people, with 40% of employees being Aboriginal. The three pillars are: Mining; Civil Construction and Training/Education.

Carey has developed strong and enduring relationships with its clients across mining, construction as well as many people living in remote communities. For these customers and communities onsite energy brings many potential benefits including energy security and resilience, cost certainty and/or emission reductions. Such projects are complex to assess, develop and deploy in a rapidly changing landscape.

VECKTA will empower Carey to accurately assess and deploy the energy options for their customers across different projects and sectors. The primary focus will be on the mining sector and remote communities initially. Projects will be optimized using VECKTA market data and the world’s leading DES design toolkit, XENDEE. VECKTA will then match specific project needs with the best suited equipment and/or capital suppliers in the VECKTA market platform, and facilitate the procurement and contracting for transparent, consistent and value adding win-win outcomes for all stakeholders. In addition, VECKTA will invest into the training of key Carey Group staff, allowing VECKTA proprietary analysis of projects in Australia by local aboriginal Carey staff.

‘My vision remains clear – to create sustainable business opportunities to share the wealth of the land with Aboriginal people. The partnering of Carey with VECKTA is the next logical step in creating clean energy solutions in remote regions of Australia for communities and mining projects’, Daniel Tucker AM, Carey Group Chairman.

‘We are privileged to be working with a firm with such a long and successful history in Australia as Carey Group. The energy transition is happening rapidly across Mining and remote communities in Australia. Bringing the best technologies and expertise globally to solve this challenge for these sectors is exciting, and working with a trusted partner such as Carey Group, we believe will add immense value to customers both today and into the future’ says Gareth Evans, CEO VECKTA

VECKTA is the Energy Transition Market Platform with founding investors Worley and XENDEE. VECKTA integrates the world’s most advanced energy system engineering tools with an end-to-end marketplace to bring together all the stakeholders to assess, design, supply, build, and finance onsite energy systems, microgrids and other Distributed Energy Systems (DES). VECKTA empowers businesses and communities to quickly and easily baseline their energy situation today, customize a solution specific to their needs (cost, reliability and/or emissions) and then seamlessly engage and contract the best equipment, services, and capital providers in the market to finance, deploy and operate energy solutions sustainably and profitably.

About Carey Group:
Carey Mining was established by Daniel Tucker AM in 1995 with a goal: to elevate and empower Aboriginal Australians within the resource sector. Twenty-five years later, this ethos is still burning strong within the company.

The name Carey was inspired by Lake Carey, a large inland salt lake, south of Laverton, Western Australia. The lake had been used for thousands of years by the traditional Wongatha people for maintaining traditional cultural practices.

Carey’s original contracts were located in the Goldfields Region of Western Australia but now extend to the Pilbara Region and the Northern Territory. Carey was established at a time when Indigenous businesses and Indigenous entrepreneurs were a scarcity. Carey was a pioneer of sorts and has now evolved into a thriving business with more than 25 years’ experience in delivering specialist services to the mining and civil industries.

Carey is a unique firm that prides itself on valuing people as our most important asset. Carey’s cultural sensitivity and awareness are important factors in developing sound working relationships with local communities in remote and regional Western Australia.