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Gareth Evans, CEO and founder of VECKTA, a company committed to empowering businesses and communities to make a global transition towards a more affordable, secure, and renewable energy future. Gareth discusses the future of sustainability, where entrepreneurs and innovators can find opportunities in sustainability, and where the future of energy is headed.

He highlights that sustainability isn’t the price of profitability or lifestyle change and that there is a market appetite to create sustainability and find different types of market niches regardless of what people think is happening with the environment.

The interview touches on Gareth’s background and upbringing, including his parents’ job as police officers and his experience doing charity work in South America. It also covers topics such as the importance of reducing emissions, changing employee and customer behaviors to become more sustainable, and educating people about sustainable practices.

Gareth emphasizes that there are many technologies and capabilities available for businesses to make huge impacts, particularly in the areas of energy, water, and contaminated land. He stresses that it’s essential to understand the current state of one’s business and set aspiration targets before taking baby steps to achieve those goals. The conversation ends with Gareth sharing some of his adventurous travel experiences and highlighting that it’s all about the experiences and adventures, not materialistic things.