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We talk to customers about their energy futures a lot. And while business leaders are excited about what they can accomplish, they typically have two to three big concerns that fall into one of the following five categories: speed, reliability, planning, optimization, and sourcing.

Cue VECKTA, the Energy Transition Platform and leading global marketplace for onsite energy systems across a portfolio of commercial and industrial facilities. 

We serve businesses who are ready to take the next step towards their goals – saving time, and money and ensuring the best outcome for long-term energy solutions.

For many companies, the prospect of commissioning onsite power generation can seem daunting. There are many complex factors that go into every step of the process, and that’s why VECKTA is so effective. Our platform and technology simplify the process, making it accessible to the large commercial and industrial businesses.

Getting it right means finding and selecting the right energy partners, and verifying that your business is getting the value it needs over time. VECKTA allows business leaders to avoid expensive, slow, and biased traditional approaches. 

So how do you know if the VECKTA platform is right for your business? Choosing to make the switch to onsite energy can come with a lot of caveats and questions, which can be challenging for business leaders to navigate alone. That’s why VECKTA is here to help you find the answers, from start to finish.

Rising Energy Costs

An example of how you can manage your carbon emissions using the VECKTA platform.

VECKTA is right for you if…

Your energy transition needs to move faster. If you have emission reduction targets to hit, are being impacted by energy security, or your margins are shrinking due to rising energy costs, switching to onsite energy can reduce costs, cut emissions, and increase resilience.

Your utilities are not delivering reliable, low-cost, and sustainable energy required to grow your business confidently. VECKTA puts business leaders in control of their energy transition – to save time, money and ensure the best outcome for immediate and long-term energy solutions.

You don’t have an energy transition plan, or don’t know how to most efficiently turn the plan into reality. Decarbonizing an asset portfolio in the most financially efficient manner is difficult, but VECKTA delivers the tools, expertise and market access so asset owners can achieve their net-zero goals without overspending.

You’re unsure of the optimal onsite system to build at each of your facilities. We leverage technology to consider hundreds of thousands of parameters like solar irradiance, wind speeds, gas prices, utility tariffs and many others to prioritize and assess your sites in a fraction of the time. The VECKTA platform does the heavy lifting, so that you can consider all your options.

You want to competitively source your energy systems from vetted suppliers. Using our Marketplace allows you to assess options, get the best value, and work with the leading suppliers in your area. VECKTA shares your requirements with our expansive network of pre-vetted suppliers to make sure you don’t miss out on your perfect match.

VECKTA may not be right for you if…

Your energy transition is on track, and if you have already implemented a successful plan and are content that your energy system is reducing costs, cutting emissions, and increasing resilience.

Your utilities will deliver the energy solutions you need now and for the foreseeable future. If your business is already receiving low energy costs and you feel fully in control of your energy independence, you may not need to utilize the VECKTA platform at this time.

You know the optimal system to build at each of your facilities and don’t want to leverage technology to consider hundreds of thousands of parameters in a split second.

You don’t need to competitively source your energy systems and don’t need assistance vetting proven suppliers in an expansive network to find your perfect match.

Fast Track Your Energy Transition Plan

We put you in charge. Empowering you to deploy the optimal energy solution for your business.

If you answered “yes” to any of the key questions if VECKTA is right for you, utilizing our world-class platform can help you gain energy independence, save money, and be more sustainable starting today. As business leaders, take control of your energy sovereignty to create a more profitable and sustainable future.


VECKTA is committed to putting business leaders in the driver’s seat when it comes to their energy, and we are on a mission to simplify and accelerate the deployment of onsite energy solutions. The Marketplace will help you fast track your energy transition plan so that you can start reaping the rewards of energy independence today.

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