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Client Spotlight: Anderson Valley Brewing Company

A Forward-Looking Brewery

As the first solar-powered brewery, Anderson Valley Brewing Company has always focused on making great beer while minimizing the impact on the planet. For over thirty years, AVBC has been hand-crafting award-winning ales and lagers with a passion for sustainable brewing practices. As the company and its owners think about building an energy system for their brewery, they consider the generational impacts that thinking strategically about energy can have.

Listen To The Webinar With AVBC CEO Kevin McGee

VECKTA’s Dan Roberts hosts Kevin McGee, CEO of Anderson Valley Brewing Company, for a conversation about beer, brewery energy consumption, cost, and building an onsite energy system for a generational business.

We dive into the challenges, surprises, & learnings Kevin has experienced on his journey. We will also discuss how working with VECKTA has simplified and accelerated the energy system design-build process for Anderson Valley Brewing Company.

Kevin McGee

Kevin McGee

CEO, Anderson Valley Brewing Company

“We are quality-obsessed and relentlessly innovative. Energy as we’ve always thought about it, simply from the grid, is changing. Breweries and wineries that embrace this change and move in the direction of on-site energy production will not only cut carbon emissions but save millions,”

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What is VECKTA?

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VECKTA is the only platform in the world that looks at all your requirements—technical, physical, financial and contractual —to design, optimize, and deploy your distributed energy system solution. So if you are designing energy systems for breweries, or have questions about how your company could benefit from our project screener, please reach out to us today.