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Mining companies are faced with increasing market and investor demand for sustainability. Furthermore, unplanned power outages threaten production and profits. Onsite energy is the clear solution, but designing, deploying, and operating the right solution isn’t so clearcut. How can mining companies assess and develop the most effective, least costly plan without being bogged down by a historically time-intensive process.

Sustainable Mining Ventures Expedited with VECKTA

Capitalize on the world’s most advanced energy system engineering tools. VECKTA eliminates slow, manual planning processes and runs circles around rigid consultants by utilizing adaptive, smart technology to rapidly and thoroughly assess where a mining company is today. Then, taking into consideration all the variables of their assets and sites, we help them chart the most efficient path to their energy goals.

With a detailed plan in place, it’s easy for mining companies to evaluate and connect with leading equipment, service, and capital providers via the VECKTA Marketplace.

The entire process, from assessment and design to financing, deployment, and operation, can be executed with VECKTA, enabling mining companies to achieve agile, responsive onsite energy plans that meet their goals.

VECKTA and the Mining Industry Lately

VECKTA Delivers Renewable Energy Study Confirming +500MW Solar Capacity for Mayur Resources Project

Mayur will utilize the VECKTA marketplace platform to progress this project by identifying and procuring the optimal scopes of work and efficiently and effectively retaining suppliers.

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VECKTA Analysis Demonstrates Up to 90% Potential Renewable Energy Penetration Macarthur Minerals Lake Giles Iron Project

VECKTA, in partnership with Macarthur, has rapidly and cost effectively assessed hundreds of thousands of variables in the Lake Giles Iron Project to customize a solution specific to the operational and business needs.

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VECKTA and Carey Group Partner to Deploy Onsite Energy Systems for Miners and Remote Communities Across Australia

Carey Group, the largest 100% Aboriginal-owned business in Australia, seeks to bring energy security and resilience, cost certainty, and/or emission reductions. A project of this scale is complex to assess, develop, and deploy, and only VECKTA technologies enable comprehensive and rapid execution to empower customers and remote communities spanning Australia.

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VECKTA Mining Client Portfolio Includes World Leading Gold Miner and One of the Largest Rare Earth Miners

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