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The unreliability and high cost of traditional energy sources in combination with evolving consumer preferences has a tremendous impact on the Food and Beverage industry. Many food and bev manufacturers are launching clean energy and carbon reduction initiatives as these environmental and market-driven factors plus other renewable energy benefits motivate them to develop independent, sustainable onsite energy. 

“Going green” by a certain date captures headlines and sets into motion massive energy projects. Historically, the planning and deployment process has been time consuming, complex, and expensive. Time-stamped initiatives don’t leave room for delays and slow, manual consulting approaches. How can manufacturers assess multiple sites with countless technical and economical considerations and align service providers to expedite the project and meet deadlines?

Sustainability is the Why. VECKTA is the How.

VECKTA eliminates drawn out planning processes by utilizing the world’s most advanced onsite energy system modeling tools.

VECKTA enables processors and manufacturers to assess their energy situation today, customize a solution that fits their goals, and shop the solution to leading equipment, service, and capital providers via the Marketplace.

Every step of the process, from assessment and design to financing, deployment and operation, can be executed through VECKTA, enabling manufacturers to achieve agile, responsive onsite energy plans that meet their goals.

VECKTA is Making Moves in Food and Beverage

Anderson Valley Brewing Company Launches Energy Project RFP on VECKTA Marketplace

Anderson Valley Brewing Company, the first solar-powered brewery, has published an RFP for their energy system transformation and is managing the bid process on the VECKTA Marketplace. VECKTA took the ambitious brewery through system design to published RFP in only 7 weeks, allowing them to move quickly on their commitment to use solar and batteries to meet 110% of their energy needs.

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VECKTA Food and Beverage Client Portfolio Includes Worldwide Leaders in Chocolate Manufacturing, Potato Processing and Organic Cereals

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