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The number one driver for undertaking this study has been to support Mayur’s vision of becoming the “Supplier of Choice” for carbon neutral lime and cement products in PNG, Australia and the Pacific. This aligns with Mayur’s strategic direction of integrating renewables across its project portfolio and the establishment of Mayur Renewables as an entity to deploy a clean energy platform within the Pacific region.

The study was completed by VECKTA ( to examine the opportunity for large-scale renewable solar farm/hybrid power whilst leveraging the strategic advantages and location of the SEZ.

The study indicated that an installed solar power capacity of around 500 megawatts (MW) could be achieved within the SEZ, similar in size to PNG’s current total installed power capacity. The solar farm would not only provide a source of renewable energy for the CCL project, but also for use by other future large scale industrial users who would benefit from being in the SEZ, and power to local communities that currently have no access to electricity. Other opportunities include direct supply of renewable power to large nearby existing industrial users, and into the nearby Port Moresby transmission grid as and when demand arises.

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