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At VECKTA we believe that businesses are key to a successful energy transition, and we need to empower them to proactively embrace this opportunity and act with confidence. Our mission is to simplify and accelerate the deployment of onsite energy systems and microgrids. It is very exciting to collaborate with Macarthur Minerals, a team who are innovating, challenging limits, and adapting with purpose to create a mining operation that will be profitable, socially responsible, and sustainable. They are truly leading the charge and we are proud to be supporting this sensational project.

Collaborating with Macarthur, our teams have technically and economically assessed viable onsite energy system configuration options and tradeoffs (emissions, costs, operational needs). The value VECKTA brings is that we customize a solution specific to the operational and business needs and do so in a solution agnostic way to ensure the optimal solution(s) are assessed and developed with no biases. The results at this phase of the project are very promising and demonstrate what can be achieved when we leverage technology to rapidly and cost effectively assess hundreds of thousands of variables that can influence a system design, performance, capital and operating costs. As the project progresses Macarthur will be able to leverage the VECKTA Marketplace Platform to match project needs with the most cost and schedule efficient capital, equipment and services in this dynamic ecosystem, to see the system become a reality.

Gareth Evans, CEO VECKTA

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