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We’ve been following Team Rob’s epic quest to conquer the Uberman triathlon, an effort that exemplifies VECKTA’s core values. As we reach the conclusion of this series, we present From Within, a short film on Rob’s journey. VECKTA CEO Gareth Evans accompanies Rob and reflects on what it takes to achieve extraordinary goals.

Transforming Ideas into Actions

Rob is only the 7th person in the world to complete the Uberman triathlon. We’re proud to be supporters of his amazing accomplishment. At VECKTA, we strive daily to live out the shared values that powered Rob’s adventure and VECKTA’s mission to build the Energy Transition Market Platform.

Uberman Series - Finish Line

This is the culmination of years of training and experience, built on principles that apply equally for individuals and teams with a shared vision.

Adapt Purposefully

Part One It’s not enough to react. Success is built on looking ahead, anticipating what comes next, and making thoughtful decisions to change, evolve, and improve.

Uberman Series - Bike

Challenging Limits

Part Two We are defeated by the status quo. Setting audacious goals inspires us to stretch beyond what is and empower us to achieve what can be. We don’t just survive the challenges, they make us stronger.

Uberman Series - Run


Part Three The future is not created by an individual person, company, or even nation. Collaborative action and collective success are key to achieving lasting change—setting a vision, holding each other accountable, and continually moving forward.

Powered from Within

Part Four The power to overcome obstacles and keep pushing toward the goal comes from inside. Not just the personal drive within the individual, but from the strength of the community, network, and shared vision.

Uberman Series - Swim

The Next Hill

The real challenge isn’t the last goal, it’s the next. Reaching new heights—personally or professionally—enables us to more clearly see the next obstacle to overcome and gives us the confidence and inspiration to push on.

The Energy Transition will happen because of the collective efforts of nations, corporations, and individuals. At VECKTA, our core values keep us laser-focused on co-creating that sustainable, distributed, profitable energy future for all.

From Within Uberman Film


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