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In April, VECKTA held their first Annual Meeting to reflect on the year past and look to the year ahead. The following was CEO Gareth Evans’ opening remarks.

What this last year has underscored is how quickly our lives can be disrupted. It demonstrated the importance of having an unwavering mission, living by strong core values, prioritizing our mental and physical health, and surrounding ourselves with people we love and trust. 2020/21 had it all; political tensions, demands for social justice and greater equality, a global pandemic, challenged economies, extreme weather events, significant energy transition commitments and so much more.

Inaugural Annual Meeting - Gareth Evans VECKTA

Many such experiences have highlighted the risks associated with a centralized structure, which while simpler to design and manage is more rigid and vulnerable. As is the case with the industry we are disrupting and empowering. Instead, we need to evolve toward a future that is more distributed, safe, interconnected, efficient, sustainable and antifragile.

Our complex modern world mandates customized solutions for the most optimal outcomes. We need to create environments that are safe and respectful, encourage us to challenge limits, enable us to adapt with purpose and do so in a collaborative way, all while balancing short-term needs with long-term success.

Inaugural Annual Meeting - VECKTA

I am exceptionally proud of what Team VECKTA has achieved in the last year in the face of uncertainty. We have lived by our values, stayed focused on our mission, developed an incredible team (completely remotely!), systematically validated our assumptions, developed a trusted brand, helped educate and build momentum across the energy industry, planned, designed and developed a strong foundation of the VECKTA marketplace, won our first contracts and all with a positive and collaborative attitude.

The last year will be one we will remember not for the chaos, but the year VECKTA was created, and a sustainable, profitable and distributed energy future became possible. Game on for 2021/22!

Written By Gareth Evans

Inaugural Annual Meeting

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