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VECKTA, the Energy Transition Platform™, has arrived. Also, the Energy Transition.

Here. Now. Global. Is your business ready?

Paraphrasing Hemingway, disruption happens two ways: “Gradually… then suddenly.” Incumbent giants ignore newcomers until too late. The gradual convergence of factors is overlooked until the sudden part hits, when the world tips in a new direction.

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The Energy Transition: Gradually, decades in the making. Now, new investments in renewable energy exceed new investments in oil and gas. Depending on how you slice it, you could say that happened starting in 2017, or you could say it’s happening for the first time in the year ahead, but either way the point remains. We’re at the tipping point. Gradual happened, and we’re entering suddenly territory.

Capital markets are now pricing in carbon risk exposure, with borrowing rates for renewable energy projects going as low as 3%, while borrowing for fossil projects runs as high as 20% and new coal plants are being deemed uninsurable. As well as polluting, last century’s power grids are unacceptably weak, with outages costing, for example, the US economy over $150B each year, according to the US DOE.

VECKTA: Gradually, building on over 15 years of work by dozens of specialists, over $700M USD invested, award-winning software development, and backed by the world’s largest engineering firm in the energy sector, with over 130 years of continuous operations. Suddenly, unmatched energy system design, procurement, and financing tools available worldwide.

From the perspective of your business, the drivers of the Energy Transition are obvious. Energy prices are volatile and supply chains insecure; you want energy independence and price certainty. Outages, whether from planned curtailment, outages caused by weather or fires, or other grid equipment failure, are costing you lost revenue and may pose a threat to health and safety. Regulators are changing the landscape, and investors and the public expect us all to decarbonize our operations. No surprise: microgrids, able to address all of the above, are at a tipping point.

What is surprising is how clunky the status quo process is to build a microgrid, or similar Distributed Energy System (DES). Feasibility studies costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and eating up precious months to even years. Four or five different software tools required to model each component of the system separately. No apples-to-apples comparison of different technology options, and opaque pricing. Proving project bankability to investors is always an uphill battle, with no standard approach accepted across the industry.

That’s where VECKTA comes in. A single integrated toolkit that considers all possible energy assets to serve any type of unique load. Technical and economic modeling paired with a global marketplace of vetted equipment and service providers. Built-in financing for no-money-down Energy as a Service (EaaS).

Is your business ready for the Energy Transition? Securing your power supply may be easier than you thought: VECKTA is here to handle that.

At VECKTA, our primary goal is to challenge the limits of what is possible, help adapt purposefully to the changing needs of the modern world, and above all, to work with you to co-create the future together. Contact us to join our Energy Transition Platform™.

Written By Tristan Jackson

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Photo credits: (NASA) (Joshua Sortino / UNSPLASH)

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