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FOR RELEASE: August 23, 2021
Gareth Evans



VECKTA Signs Third Mining Client in as Many Months

San Diego based onsite energy marketplace VECKTA is quickly becoming the platform of choice for Australian mining firms looking to embrace the opportunities associated with the energy transition. Since investing into Australia, with offices in Perth and Melbourne, VECKTA is excited to have signed deals with three miners in as many months.

Working across a range of commodities from Rare Earths to Gold to Haematite, VECKTA is helping deliver renewable solutions for miners with some of the most exciting projects in Australia.

Bringing ‘business to business’ marketplace concepts, combined with the worlds most advanced onsite energy optimisation technology, miners are benefiting from dramatically reduced costs in addition to greatly accelerated schedules. In a high commodity price environment, arguably a super cycle, speed has never been more important.

‘We have always believed that the mining industry has a huge role to play in the energy transition, and we are seeing a Paradigm shift right now in that regard. That said, our clients told us that the industry was struggling to address and critically capture value with the shift. Specifically addressing a 21st century problem and one of the greatest challenges we face in our lifetime, with very a traditional manhour heavy consulting approach, delivers sub-optimal timelines and outcomes.

‘We are privileged to be solving these critical issues for miners, using the best technology globally available. The ability to quickly deliver the de-carbonisation aspirations of miners, often communicated to their shareholders and other key stakeholders, into reality is industry changing. It’s one of the reasons we built VECKTA, and we are proud to be helping the industry in this way’, says Gareth Evans, CEO VECKTA

VECKTA is the Energy Transition Market Platform with founding investors Worley and XENDEE. VECKTA integrates the world’s most advanced energy system engineering tools with an end-to-end marketplace to bring together all the stakeholders to assess, design, supply, build, and finance microgrids and other Distributed Energy Systems (DES). VECKTA empowers businesses and communities to quickly and easily baseline their energy situation today, customize a solution specific to their needs (cost, reliability and/or emissions) and then seamlessly engage and contract the best equipment, services, and capital providers in the market to finance, deploy and operate it sustainably and profitably.